About Us

The New World Radio Network on WCRW 1190 AM is a unique radio station located in the Washington DC area. Our concept is simple: We broadcast foreign language and English programming to the diverse ethnic and international communities in the National Capital Region, around the United States, and Worldwide. For more than two decades, New World Radio has brought a distinctive mix of music, news, commentary, financial information, and religious programming to listeners who tune in regularly to stay in touch with their native cultures.

Interested in broadcasting?

If you would like to produce a radio program for your own ethnic community, click here to find out more or call us at 703-532-0400.

Interested in advertising?

If you would like to promote your product or service to specific ethnic groups or extend your advertising reach to a non-English speaking audience, click here to learn more or call us at 703-532-0400.

The WCRW team looks forward to working with you!

Brian Edwards  |  Chief Engineer 

Debi Keating  |  Office Manager

Chris Buresh | PSA Director

Ana Sagredo | Sales