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Are you missing a significant portion of your potential market because you literally do not speak their language?  Or, on the other hand, are you casting too wide a net and spending too much of your advertising dollar by reaching far beyond your likely customers or clients?

The New World Radio Network is an efficient means of targeting your advertising dollar to an online audience you haven't been able to reach using high-priced general market radio stations or other media.

One out of every four households in the Washington metropolitan area speaks a language other than English.  Washington is host to embassies, consulates, and a variety of international institutions employing tens of thousands of foreign nationals.  While they put down roots here, they rely on The New World Radio Network as an important link to their homeland and culture.

The New World Radio Network influences a vast audience neglected by other general market and online radio stations. Our multicultural programming attracts many listeners who have not found a home anywhere else on the radio dial. Now you can take advantage of New World Radio’s unique format and reach to target this important audience.