Advertising Benefits on WCRW

As they put down roots in their new homes, international newcomers typically buy cars, appliances, household items, and electronics within the first few months after they arrive in our area. They need an introduction to a full range of individual and family services—including insurance, banking, child care, medical and dental care. They maintain contact with their home countries through frequent travel and heavy telephone usage, and they may need professional assistance in learning English and solving legal problems. And, as they become assimilated to American culture, they typically look to upgrade their initial purchases. Whatever your product or service, they are likely to need it!

Need to have your ad translated? No worries—we’ve got that covered! Need help producing your advertising spot?  We’ll assist you with that, too!  

On WCRW—AM 1190, you can:

  • Achieve higher product awareness and name recognition among the various language markets in the Washington metropolitan area.
  • Air on one of Washington's most powerful AM radio stations, with signal coverage from the Shenandoah Valley to the Eastern Shore.
  • Have direct access to the specific language market you want to talk to.
  • Spotlight your message in a forum with limited advertising and less clutter from other commercial advertisers.
  • Create an image that separates your business from the competition by appealing to a new untapped market segment.
  • Enhance your business' image by advertising adjacent to a needed service valued by a specific ethnic community.