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Jewish Community Radio, hosted by Estelle Deutsch Abraham, includes music of many Jewish traditions... Sephardi & East European, in Ladino and Yiddish, Israeli music of today and talent from all over the world! Timely interviews with authors, artists, performers, and scholars, along with community cultural events and educational opportunities, complete the fascinating and informative Jewish cultural radio program.

Abi Gezunt Interviews Episode Archive:

November 27th 2022 Chaplain Kris Zyla

November 6th 2022 Dr. Lavergne Andre of Loving Hands Podiatry

October 23rd 2022 Katrina Wolf

September 18th 2022 Lisa Levine
September 11th 2022 Sharon Price

August 28th 2022 Barbara Bernstein of Dance In Time

August 14th 2022 Leora Hoffman

July 31st 2022 Terri Canaday

July 24th 2022 Michelle DeStefano

July 3rd 2022 Dr. Matthew Mintz

June 26th 2022 Lisa Friedman of Synergy HomeCare

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